Webinar Series

Strategic Applications of Cognitive Rigor Webinar Series

It’s an honor and pleasure to present this five-part webinar series on Strategic Applications of Cognitive Rigor. Each webinar is about 30 minutes, and all of them are geared towards implementing Dr. Karin Hess’s Cognitive Rigor Matrices.

  • Webinar 1: Purpose and Outcomes of Rigor
  • Webinar 2: Using Rigor for Standards
  • Webinar 3: Using Rigor for Instruction
  • Webinar 4: Using Rigor for Assessment
  • Webinar 5: Implementing Standards in Collaborative Teams

As the pandemic has surged the last two years, professional learning has taken a backseat to survival and triage for educators. Now more than ever, it is time to think about what matters most for students – taking learning to a much deeper level and making truly meaningful connections to content that students will actually remember rather than trying to expose students to so much content that none of it sticks for life, and much less that it is retained from this year to next. For this reason, I’ve several parts of the webinars are focused on accelerating learning for all students using the Cognitive Rigor Matrices.

Brandon Doubek, CEO

Webinar 5

Webinar 5

Implementing Standards in Collaborative Teams