“Education Reimagined” is nomenclature within our company that was initiated when we thought about the educational landscape as a whole.  Before the pandemic, and most certainly during, we noted decisions in local schools and districts becoming much less collaborative in nature.  Our profession needs and requires teachers to be collaborative and have seats at the proverbial decision-making table.  There is a myriad of reasons why this might not be the case in schools and districts across our nation.  But what if we could help change that through the services we provide?  What if we could work to support more collaboration, more shared leadership and decision making along with innovative learning strategies to help enhance outcomes for all involved? 

Thus, “Education Reimagined” is our approach to how we see changing the educational landscape.  We focus on the true educational professionals:  The teachers who work with students every day.  We work with educational leaders to help make the best decisions for all involved while remaining true to what we know of research:  The needs of students and teachers depend largely upon local contexts that must be considered first.  Our organization seeks first to truly understand these local needs, support the learning of new approaches and strategies through research-based best practices while fostering true collaborative environments.  This shall be….Education Reimagined.